Apr 15, 2008

V/A "Chop Chop" 7"

V/A "Chop Chop" 7" compilationReleased in 1989 on Skene Records #4
Etchings A: "One otter, two otter..." B: "Team Caffeine"

1. Constant Grief - Timely Failure
2. Bad Trip - Mixed Emotions
3. Payback - Gothic
4. Vicious Bite - 'Till Death Do You Part
5. A Bomb A Nation - Not Kosher / Belong Be Strong (Live at CBGBs)


Back Cover:

Booklet Insert:


Anonymous said...

every time I visit your blog I remember my huge 7inch collection, it contains a lot of fantastic european, most german and french, hardcore, screamo, post-hardcore, indie releases from the 90s to the millenium. but I´m so fuckin lazy and vinyl ripping sucks....

myspace.com/xmichelx1974 said...

ever heard the awake 7" on skene??? i got it, and it's a blast!!! you got it digitalized? i need it so much...

Anonymous said...

Hi... This link seems to be dead. Any chance of a reup? I used to have this and would LOVE to hear it again! Thanks! hashi-tashi@live.com