Nov 28, 2005


Speaking of bad bands & even worse outfits from the 90s, I remember another amazing piece of merchandise that I had purchased in my heyday. Picture this, a black and white striped sock cap / winter beanie style with the words MUCKY PUP wrapped around it. Damn did I wear it with pride. I really wish I had an embarrassing picture of me sporting this bad boy.

Mucky Pup was one of the first bands that I started to see on a regular basis. Their mix of completely asinine lyrics, catchy vocals along with heavy ass hardcore style music was great for this 15 year old. My friends and I would drive around blasting their cassettes as we hopped from one skate spot to another.

One of the first things that attracted me to Mucky Pup was the fact that Billy & Evan from Biohazard did a guest appearance on the song “Three Dead Gophers”. The lyrics seem to mean absolutely nothing, but I still thought it was heavy and fun to sing along to. A few of the “topics” this band covered were hippies, Jimmy Hendrix & Morrison, Batman the butt ripper, female body functions, & many other random subjects that bands from NYC & their era felt were worth singing about. I’m not really sure what a lot of NY bands were thinking in the late 80s & early 90s with their tongue in cheek approach but it definitely appealed to those who were of the lesser mature attitude in life. Anyone who still laughs when someone farts is pretty much the type of person who can enjoy a band like Mucky Pup. Needless to say, I had a blast every time I saw this band.

(Mucky Pup & Biohazard outside of the studio)

Here are a few tracks from their 1990 CD “NOW” released on Torrid Records. I figured you could get this for like 25 cents on or ebay but I was surprised to see them selling for around $35!!!! Now don’t forget the time frame from when this CD was done, Mighty Bosstones, Primus, & Lollapalooza where all about to be huge. A few of the guys wound up in Dog Eat Dog after Mucky Pup. You can bet your sweet ass that I will eventually be posting some of their debut EP down the road. It ruled. Mucky Pup also still have a website up for anyone further interested in learning more about the band. MUCKY PUP ONLINE

1. “Three Dead Gophers” featuring Biohazard
2. “Baby”
3. "Face" (instrumental)
4. “Hotel Penitentiary”


Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

These guys have so many sweet riffs but I just can't hang with the absurd lyrical content. It's such a tossup between most of the music and the humorous demeanor...

EMS / COREGASM said...

yeah if i hadn't heard it when i was so young i probably would have thought different.

scott said...

Mucky Pup was crazy... The sweet riffs managed to win out over the kooky lyrics in the end, for me at least. Thanks, I hadn't heard these guys in quite a few years!

Head2Wall said...

Thanks for posting this and turning me onto them. I found a tape of A Boy In A Mans World yesterday at a flea market.

ENZO said...

Mucky Pup were great untill the album Act Of Faith after that they were horrible. The first three album were absolutelly fantastic!!! Great to see they came back:)