Dec 1, 2005

MINUS STORY "hybrid moments" (Misfits cover)

It's about time to get some sleep after a long day and one Madball show induced bloody nose later. I need just a little something to wind me down. I always love it when a band does a cover song and totally revamps it in their own way. Here we have Boonville, MO own The Minus Story who can be described as "off-kilter & neo-psychedelic". Either way on their latest release "Heaven And Hell" the band shows us what they can do with one of my all time favorite Misfits songs, "Hybrid Moments". Check it out and let me know what you think of it. I think it's a great rendition.

1. The Minus Story "Hyrbid Moments" (Misfits cover)


scott said...

That's... crazy sounding. Original and weird to think about.

moosey boy said...

Certainly not what I was expecting but an enjoyable enough version of what is also one of my favourite misfits songs