Aug 9, 2006

DIVE "s/t" 7"

Dive were an early metallic hardcore band from the New England area. When I first heard this 7" over 10 years ago it gave me chills especially in the beginning of track 2. It has a nice mix of that chaotic metal that Massachusetts residents have been churning out for almost 2 decades and a little dose of Deadguy, Rorschach, 1.6 Band style of hectic hardcore. Members of this band went into the almighty Overcast and I believe Get High (I could be wrong about that one). Here you will find their first 7" that was released in 1993 on Evolution records. I'm pretty sure this was hard to find back then and obviously even more so now. I strongly recommend track 3: "Functional Starvation". That song has so many elements that make me want to punch myself in the grill.

"They're trying to put me out every day kicking down and manipulating so he said they're fooling you, you're fooling yourself. The hate grows stronger every time you hit the floor, the strength to continue is not in you anymore. It's so fucked up and upside down to tell you what you can't believe the workplace lives on an addiction to drink the blood of evil thieves. Evil thieves. Try to escape - there is no way - that you can stop this perfect stalemate." - Functional Starvation

1. "Force Five"
2. "With Forgetting and Reforgetting"
3. "Functional Starvation"
4. "The Bends"
5. "Final Decider" - Instrumental


Buske DNA said...

Fuck yeah, great 7". I was just talking to someone about this band the other and asking if they had mp3's of this 7". That cover was actually going to be my very first tattoo when I was 17 haha. Good thing I was broke and never got around to it.

The first time I heard them was on a video that a friend had made (Dive and Chilmark) and the singer was amazing live. I never got the chance to see them in person though.

Dudes went on to be in GET HIGH who were kind of the same caliber as DIVE, a little less 'cored out though.

Good post, EMS. Hit me about the Erosion CD when you can.

Anonymous said...


jxw said...

Underrated as fuck!

Anonymous said...

Best band ever! Their 2nd ep on figure four are the best hardcore songs ever written no joke. I'm fuckin stoked that other people out here like this band! You can order the repress of this from moo cow records! Also the hardcore CD, which has their track from the in memory of boston hardcore comp...which also has chilmark on, who were fuckin amazing too!

Pablo Verdugo Holiday. said...

I can't download it!!!
Help me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I have the seven inch but no way to digitize it. Never got to see them live, but I agree with jxw, underrated.

Trailer Trash zine said...

Thanks for bringing back the memories of these h/c bands. I have a few Dive 7 inchers and still love them to this day.

Anonymous said...

The most amazing thing about this band is that ALL the member were under 16 at the time of recording this. As was stated members went onto play in OVERCAST, GET HIGH, and DROPKICK MURPHYS. I used to drive these guys to shows in Lowell and Worcester because none of them could drive yet. I remember them opening for SAM BLACK CHURCH back in 1991. Great band.

Mork Ork said...

Well, 17 and 18 years old but whatever.