Aug 7, 2006


Erosion were an early German band fusing elements of thrash and hardcore. Not the nostalgic sounding bands you hear today. You see, Erosion were around from 1989-95. Somewhere between Carnivore and Tragedy you could possibly find Erosion. I remember my friend had picked up one of their 7"s sometime in 1992 and I bought their CD "III". We'd borrow our mom's cars and drive around blasting the CD. It was just this weird mix (for us at the time anyway) full throttle metal influenced hardcore with a crusty punk edge to it. I didn't know what to think. I mean it had fast as hell parts accompanied with lots of double bass and an occasional groovy breakdown. Hell there's even some trading off of guitar solos that you would think Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman were doing. The recurring theme of war was seen throughout their releases with an apocalyptic & pessimistic view of the future Europe and the rest of the world. Surprisingly enough a few years after having this CD my band became labelmates with them for a brief period before their demise. I liked what I heard, hopefully you will too.

EROSION "III" 13 song CD
Recorded and released in 1992 by We Bite Records.
1. "Erosive Life"
2. "Enemy"
3. "Power Within"


Buske DNA said...

Hit me up on AIM.I'd like to get the entire CD from you. Sounds cool.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Yeah, this is damn good, and definitely sounds like something I'd post about, ha, ha. I can't believe this is actually hard to find for a good price. Their final record is cake to get for less than a buck, but there's a copy of "III" on eBay for a fucking hundred bucks!? What the hell...