Sep 1, 2006


In honor of Hatebreed's new CD coming out this week and the fact that we currently have switched servers and can not upload any mp3s at the moment, I figured I'd post an old show flyer. This was one of the last shows that I had put on in Erie, PA. It was an off date from Ozzfest and Hatebreed called me up to see if I could set up a show with maybe 2 weeks notice. I figured what the hell. The show had some awesome bands and some not so awesome bands. I'm sure some of you reading this that were at that show can comment on the not so good ones. Regardless Hatebreed were awesome but towards the end of their set I found myself standing on stage sporting a Carhart jacket ("Punishment" era biohazard style) and toting a backpack which contained a billyclub. The "bouncers" kept getting themselves into trouble with the kids (usual shit) and several fights broke out. The "security" then felt it necessary to jump on stage, insult the crowd, and say that the show was over due to the way we were acting. I was standing on stage right predicting such an over reaction might occur and grabbed the mic, stammered a few words out to the effect of "Fuck this, I paid for the club for that day and they were going to continue playing". This didn't go over so well with security which lead to the head of security charging the stage, a few arguments on stage with me yelling at dudes twice my size, Hatebreed giggling at the situation, and all of my friends looking at me with the "Give us the word and these dudes are history" look. The weight of the situation kind of took affect of "I am about to incite a small scale riot here". I don't remember how it all got resolved, I think I just kept telling Hatebreed to keep playing and they proceeded to kill it for an hour long set (which was awesome). This definitely lead to the decision for me to stop booking shows for the time as people are idiots. The security were only making matters worse and just didn't get the fact that for the most part they are considered the "enemy". Getting on stage and yelling at my friends and peers is one way to get bonked over the head with a tire knocker. The best part is that my best friend loves to pull out the video of this and make fun of my pathetic attempt of a "speech". A few stutters and pauses here and there but overall the band played on. Good times.


whelpley said...

This was a fun show all around!

I remember the hall emptying out completely because Amen sucked so bad. It was snowing, windy and about 10 degrees out (I know it was March, but it's Erie) but we were willing to suffer that rather than suffer Amen.

Art Vandelay said...

Holy shit, please post something from Problem Solver Revolver or let us know where we can purchase any of their music. Completely forgot about that band and how good they were

Cole said...

This show was one of the best shows I attended when I was still somewhat new to hardcore. I thought the idea of a riot was great (clearly I've wisened up since then).