Jun 10, 2007

FACE VALUE "The Price of Maturity"

Yeah yeah, everyone is writing and saying “are you ever going to update Coregasm again?” Well the answer is yes. I went off and did the whole wedding / honeymoon thing for most of May and now I’m home trying to get caught up on life after a killer cruise. So that’s my excuse.

I played my first real show in July of 1995 with Brother’s Keeper. Location: The Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH. Other bands on the show: Ignite, One Life Crew, Integrity. Yeah, quite an intimidating first show for an 18 year old kid. Regardless I went out there and did my thing and all of the skinheads moshed it up for our blend of new school hardcore and I’m sure my pants were way too big for me. Sad thing is that I probably actually wear that size now. Ignite ended up never showing up for whatever reason so on went One Life Crew (pre-Crime Ridden Society) and kids went nuts and it was so cool hearing the Meanstreak/Confront songs I was familiar with. I remember after they played I was still coming down off of the buzz from playing my first real show let alone that it was with one of my favorite bands Integrity. I was sitting outside on the curb as I could hear the sounds of Integrity’s set beginning. Not too long after they started the whole club started pouring out onto the street gagging and coughing. Apparently someone had pepper sprayed the whole room. I was fortunate to be standing outside and didn’t have to deal with any of the consequences. The gossip was that it was Tony Erba who sprayed the crowd that night. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. I just found it to be amusing. You could never really tell with any of the Cleveland guys whether or not they were friends or enemies because they all kind of treated each other like both. Either way, that night was just the start of many amusing and exciting nights spent in Cleveland.

I first heard Face Value on Victory Records Only the Strong 1990 7”/CD and thought they were pretty good. It wasn’t until I picked up “The Price of Maturity” CD that they recorded in 1991 at Mars Studios that I really started liking them. The CD was fast, aggressive, yet still kind of had a posi feel to it and a lot of heavy moshy sing along parts. Tony Erba had a very memorable voice and I felt like the songs were memorable musically and lyrically. Here’s the full length in it’s entirety for you to enjoy. There's 22 tracks!
PS: Check out the cover art done by the Human Furnace of Ringworm fame.

FACE VALUE "The Price of Maturity"
released on Conversion Records (CR12) 1991


Miikka said...

the last 6 tracks are actually the 7" 'Coming Of Age' which i think is Face Value's best material..the intro to Can't Take Much More, you're moshing!

Joe said...

The "coming of age" 7" was one of the first records I ever had....I played the shit out of it.

A few years ago, there was a guy selling a bunch of the "price of maturity" LP's on ebay, I picked up a copy of it finally after just having a mix-tape of it from a friend in high school

pure gold.

Best song intro ever is the beginning of "unjustified"

Joseph said...

I was at that show and it was not Erba who maced the crowd. In any event me and my cronies in The Last Resort crew wnded up beating the shit out of the wrong guy. We never did end up finding out who it weas but it was not Erba and it was definitely not the guy we kicked the shit out of. I used to have a video of that show, if anyone has a video of that show or knows how to get their hands on one I would be greatly aprecciated if they could contact me @ Bando2104@Gmail.com.