Aug 2, 2007


Filmed in 2000 this was Doug from High Roller studios first video that wasn't live footage from a show. It was fun to make. We filmed all of the newspaper scenes at the Erie Daily Times at about 2am. We brought all of the night crew a bunch of pizzas and sodas and they let us go at it in the plant. The noise of the machines was deafening and having a handful of salt of the earth types staring at you while you're acting like you're playing music was... well, rather strange. But fuck it, it was fun and we were always up for new experiences. Our one guitarist Scott almost didn't make it into the video. He was flying in that day from a trip to CA I think. (mind you this was before the whole planet owned cell phones) So we really had no idea how to let him know when or where to be as a lot of this was "on the fly" so to speak. Almost at the end of the shoot Scott just comes strolling in wearing his "uniform", puts his guitar case down, opens it up, and says "let's do this". It was very comical at around 3am and luckily enough for him, he's in the video because it would have been weird otherwise. Some of the other scenes were shot in NJ and you might recognize one of the secret service agents as none other than lead vocalist Anderson B. from Another Victim / The Promise. I know this video might be a bum out because it's not a tale of a guy whose heart was broken and he was stabbed in the back by a female, and there's no gratuitous mosh shots either. But hey, we tried.

Recently I've been helping a friend update a BROTHER'S KEEPER MYSPACE page that he had started awhile back. It features a lot of stuff if you'd care to check it out.


Guav said...

That's my gun!

XemonerdX said...

Love this vid, didn't know the story behind it obviously. Good stuff :)