Jul 31, 2007


The response to the Spudmonsters post was awesome! Seems like Coregasm was able to turn a lot of new listeners on to them. I was even able to get my hands on their in between full length "No Guarantees" so I'm gonna share that with you clowns since someone was awesome enough to share it with me. Many of you were emailing me desperately seeking this gem. The wait is over my friends.

SPUDMONSTERS "No Guarantees" 1995 Massacre Records

Also some other friends were awesome enough to share with me some more Biohazard "bonus" tracks. One of which is a sweet Cro-Mags cover that was featured on a version of "Uncivilization" that also had the "Sex & Violence" cover. I just pulled out my copy of this CD (sans bonus tracks) and for some weird pack rat reason I always keep my receipts underneath the CD tray... anyway check out the date of when I picked this record up. Weird. I think later that night we just didn't really know what to do with ourselves as my head was still spinning from the events of that day. My band was actually just about to head from Erie to Manhattan to record some new stuff in the city that day.

BIOHAZARD "Life of my Own" (Cro-mags cover) - Bonus tracks from "Uncivilization"


Buske DNA said...

I never heard that Spudmonsters record... shit is amazing. Good look.

Emil said...

Dude, you bought a POD album? kanoe-metal much?

EMS / COREGASM said...

i have no shame to my lame. my pod cds sit right next to my korn, papa roach, and various other cds.

Brian said...

I actually saw biohazard at like 2 in the morning on September 10th, 2001 at Looney Tunes Record Store in New York. They were doing some event for that cd release. It was awesome. I kind of wish I had just skipped school the next day and slept in.

Captain Hook said...

Yo I was at that Biohazard in store too.I was the guy who got kicked out during the first song for trying to dance. I was smokin a blunt when the guy came around and told everyone no dancing but I got back in pretty good set too they played alot of old stuff.Candiria played there too once during the day right out on the sidewalk. I rememver an old lady parked her car like right in front of us it was pretty funny. Speaking of Candiria here their Demo from 94 http://rapidshare.com/files/82378771/Candiria-_Subliminal_Demo_1994.rar for anyone thats interested Peace

actionxjackson said...

hooooooly shit. thank you captain hook! I'm so happy I came across this post. thank you for putting up that candiria demo!!!!!!!!!