Jul 12, 2007

BIOHAZARD cover tracks

It's no secret that I'm a huge Biohazard listener. I don't have "Down For Life" tattooed across my stomach for nothing. Here's a couple rarities that I'm guessing not too many people have. These were "B-sides" on a few singles released to help promote the awesome "New World Disorder" release back in 1999. First is the single for the track "Resist" followed by a single for "Switchback". I only included the cover songs from the singles because if you don't have the "New World Disorder" CD i dont really want you reading my blog anymore. Go away.


BIOHAZARD "Resist" promo CD single
1. "Sex And Violence" (Carnivore)
2. "Friend or Foe" (Negative Approach)

BIOHAZARD "Switchback" promo CD single
1. "Power" (Agnostic Front)
2. "Not Worth Shit" (Rest In Pieces)


Anonymous said...

I remember how my jaw dropped when i was buying some of my first hardcore/metal records and i bought copies of New World Disorder and State Of World Address, then putting them into my cd player, not totally knowning what was coming, i was hit by tons of bricks and i loved it!

"Sex & Violence" cover is also included on "special" version of Uncivilization, there's also a cover of "Life Of My Own", plus one extra song if i remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome update, I can't wait to hear that shit ! Go download go !

Anonymous said...

I have loved (and love) a lot of HC but never understood the Biohazard obsession with people. To me, they were one of the corniest fake hardcore bands that ever came out. It was if pro-wrestlers decided to start a metal band and Jimmy Hart was on vocals trying to be... Yo!

I can still smell the cheese from the first time I ever heard them.

EMS / COREGASM said...

You might want to just quit reading this blog then because this probably wont be the last time biohazard will be mentioned on here.

onno said...

I still love Urban Discipline & State Of The World Address, then the band sort of lost their group feeling, some time later they dumped Bobby and I never really got into anything released after that. That is until Uncivilization, which is a great and misunderstood record. Sort of getting into Mata Leo lately.