Jan 19, 2009

FUGAZI "87 demo"

Fugazi is definitely in my top ten bands of all time. After listening to them for just shy of 20 years I can honestly say I like them even more than when I was a young skatepunk rocking out to them in my friends bedroom. of course I got into them just because it was ex members of Minor Threat, Embrace, Rites of Spring and so on... but was pleasantly surprised to hear it was nothing like their previous noteworthy bands. At the time these guys ventured off and did their own thing and paved the road for many (quality) indie bands when emo wasn't such a bad word or tainted sound. Unfortunately I never saw them play and still would love to some day.

This demo recording is rough in some areas and a few of the songs sound very similar to their released versions. At some points in the songs you'll hear little different guitar or vocals parts that are kind of cool, that for one reason or another didn't make the final album versions. Also there's a few decent tracks that were never re-recorded on any of their full lengths (at least that I know of). so this is a pretty cool start to an amazing band that has been the soundtrack to many amazing points of my life.

FUGAZI "1987 demo"
1. Merchandise
2. (Don Talking)
3. In Defense of Humans
4. Break In
5. Song No 1
6. Bad Mouth
7. The Word
8. And the Same
9. Waiting Room
10. Furniture
11. Joe No 1
12. Joe No 2


Dave said...

Amen. From sneaking out of the house to see them in '88 to watching them kill the Channel in Boston in '91, they were a killer band to see live. Great upload!

Anonymous said...

Saw these guys at Green Street Station in Roxbury near Boston in 1988, Wrecking Crew open up the show and kicked ass. The crowd was pretty rowdy, I remember someone in the crowd kept heckling Ian Mckayes band mate because he had a stupid tattoo. Ian was pissed off with the crowd and couldn't wait to end the show!

Jaimi said...

Shit, I was born in 1987. I never got to see them live. Still regret not going to the MassArt show when I was 14. I had no idea what I was missing.

Al Quint said...

30 years ago today! Guy did get heckled about his tattoo... "what's that? a wagon wheel?"