Jan 8, 2009

HELL NO "self titled" 7"

Pre and post Hell No members were in Citizens Arrest, Kill Van Kull, Moses, All For One, Our Gang, Sleeper (Serpico), Go, Manacled, JJ Paradise Players Club, and also featured Ted Leo on guitar. They played awesome sounding NYC influenced punk and hardcore that sounds somewhat in between the lines of Born Against / Econochrist / Rorschach meets Mind Over Matter / Bad Trip kind of stuff. Very cool guitar riffs with a nice rhythm section and an almost snarling crusty vocal style made this 7" really stand out to me. Listening to it 16 years later from when I got it (mailordered it from the Relapse catalog) I can still pick out all of the reasons and sounds that made me stoked on it. And on top of all of the attitude this band exuded (the lyrics are pretty damn cool) the production is nothing short of some of Don Fury's top notch work. As much as I liked this 7" for one reason or another I never came across any of their other releases. I just found a myspace tonight that seems to have ties to the band. I'm going to seek out the rest of their discography and see if it keeps up with this great debut 7". My fingers are crossed.

Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/hellno1

HELL NO "Self titled" 7"
Released on Wardance Records (WAR #004)
Recorded 9-1-91 @ Don Fury's NYC


1. Reformer
2. Consequence
3. Disciple
4. Shift


luciferyellow said...

Oh, I loved this record. Thanks for posting this. I never knew all the band connections, but the Citizens Arrest influence was always pretty obvious. Again, thanks!

blue skies above us said...

Sweet! Thanks.

I borrowed a Hell No lp once. But I've never heard this record.

proven hollow said...

excellent. this was a great record. i had the Lp as well and i remember it not beign "as good" but who knows what i would think now. i thinkthe cover was green and had a little girl flipping the bird on the cover? i dont know how i remember this shit. would love to hear it again though if you track it down.

Jeff said...

Tonight I was at a friend's birthday party and this band Fresh Kills plays a set (good band by the way)....and I'm looking at them and I swear the drummer looks familiar - and i'm like....that guy looks like Jimmy Paradise from Hell No. I used to love Hell No (well - I still do - just haven't listened to them for awhile). Saw them a few times - at ABC, Wetlands (great show with Sheer Terror & Rorschach) and the Continental. After they were done, I was introduced to them b my friend and sure enough - it was Mr. Jimmy Paradise. We talked for a bit about the old days and those great bands from that time. Made me curious what was out there, so here I am. Loved the first 7" & the Skin Job LP. I began to lose a little bit of interest with their 2nd 7" and LP - but they were definitely always one of the most interesting bands out there at that time. Good to see them paid respect here.

Freddy Alva said...

I did Wardance records & it's really cool to see some belated recognition for such an incredible band. Pick up their masterpiece: "Adios Armagedon" Lp. if you ever come across it. I've still got some Lp/CD's of "Skinjob". If anybody wants a copy, drop me a line: shokutaku@hotmail.com Freddy


i was just thinking about hell no the other day. i saw 'em live in durham, uk in '92 and they were just fucking great. blew everyone away. this 7" and 'skin job' lp were regulars on my turntable for many years after. i no longer own the records 'cause i'm a fucking idiot - sold loads of stuff. would love to hear 'skin job' again, if anybody could sort an upload out please?

Stormy said...

This 7" and Skinjob were two of my faves back in the mid '90s. I remember seeing them at ABC No Rio a couple of times, they were always great. I've been searching for a rip of the Manacled ep for a while now, with no luck. I liked that record.

I have a Citizens Arrest collection on my blog with some rare stuff. It's here:


Toxik Boys said...

really thanks for this

StereoSmiles said...

Wow - I booked that Durham, UK show mentioned above, small world indeed. The insert to Adios Armageddon was one of the funnies things I ever read, had me in tears for hours. Well ahead of their time too. It was a good show by a great band.

John Woods said...

The Durham show was at a rowing club and Aaron from GO! who filled in on guitar for that tour actually went out rowing before the show. I have a bunch of pictures from that day. We played with Decline, Submission, and Impound. Great show!

Anonymous said...

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