Sep 5, 2016

DAMNATION A.D. - Talks about their s/t 7"

 I had Damnation AD’s first 7” for a little bit and enjoyed it a good deal.  It wasn’t until I finally saw them live for the first time at the infamous 1996 Cleveland Fest that I finally got it.  They were on another level.   It was such a mix of raw, honest, dark passion & frustrations coming from the stage.  Besides singer Mike DCs towering presence they also had the sickest guitar tones that bands are still trying (and failing) to emulate today.  Damnation AD are still playing shows from time to time so if you’ve never seen them don’t miss out. 
In order to further explore releases I’m sharing on here I’ll also be asking the bands to answer a few brief questions solely about the particular release featured.  Thanks a ton to Mike for taking the time to delve into the past a little.  It is greatly appreciated. – EMS
Live at CBGBs.
EMS: Any interesting or funny stories / memories from this time in the band involved with or around the recording of this release?
MIKExDC (singer): This was a weird time for us because between Battery and Damnation it felt like we were always on the road except for the period when we recorded this. We had lost our drummer and had to cancel a bunch of dates so I was working at Tower, delivering pizzas, and spending any free moment at Jinx Proof (tattoo shop in DC). I have never listened to these recordings and I can hear that my voice sounds kind of weak because we hadn’t been playing much.
EMS: The B-side “Hasn’t Happened Yet” was not re-recorded like “The Mortal” was for “Kingdom of Lost Souls”.  Any particular reason why?
MIKExDC:  “The Mortal” is one of my favorite songs that we ever wrote. It was the first and maybe only time that I wrote lyrics and made a conscious effort to make them rhyme. They are still some of my favorite that I’ve written because they express fear, depression and desperation very clearly. As for “Hasn’t Happened Yet”, I think it has its moments but on a whole the song is not very good. I don’t feel very comfortable with my speaking voice so unless I’m at screaming 100% I don’t like it.
EMS: What inspired the lyrics to these 2 songs and are they still relevant to your lives today?
MIKExDC:  I wrote “The Mortal” and I think those lyrics are still very relevant to me. I’m constantly facing emotional barriers that are usually self imposed and my gut instinct is to bail out.  I’ve been in therapy for a long time looking for ways to handle situations differently.  I’m better, but not where I need to be to lead a healthy and happy life.
EMS: How was it working with Victory Records at that time and why was this release just a one off with them at the time?
MIKExDC:  We were excited to work with Victory but at the time the guy who was signing bands was not very trustworthy. Ken and I had known Tony for a long time and if we would have worked directly with him things might have turned out differently. I am very happy we got to work with them though because I can say I am label mates with some of my favorite bands.
EMS: Can you clue us in on the weird cover layout and photo?
ALEX (Bass):  Cool question. The cover is inspired by a book called “Judith Turner: Photographs 5 Architects”. And everything else is a rip off of an Underworld record “Dubnobasswithmyheadman”.

From L to R clockwise, 1. Damnation AD's 7" cover, 2. Judith Turner's book that helped inspire the design, 3. Underworld CD cover art that inspired Damnation, 4. Back cover of Damnation AD's 7”.
Damnation AD's 7" side A & B center stickers and the back cover of Underworld's CD layout where you can see the influence. 


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