Sep 5, 2016

AGNOSTIC FRONT "Puro des Madre" 7"

I’ve always enjoyed Spanish sung hardcore songs and Agnostic Front offer up 3 rad ones on this release.  Musically these three songs are the same as their original versions from the LP “Somethings Gotta Give” but singer Roger Miret’s parts are all redone in Spanish.
The 7" was pressed on Hellcat Records. I’m not positive of the pressing info as I have it on both black and yellow.  The black vinyl came in a matte paper foldover jacket and the yellow one is in a glued pocket sleeve that is somewhat glossier.  The one on the right also features a barcode as well as a secondary European address.  The center stickers are also different on each version.  If anyone knows more about the specifics please hit me up.
I’m pretty sure overseas these versions were released as bonus tracks on the CD but here they are for anyone in the US or elsewhere who has not heard them.  Enjoy.
AGNOSTIC FRONT “Puro des Madre” 7" 
Hellcat Records 1998

1. Gotta Go
2. Believe
3. Voices

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