Jan 29, 2009

NO JOKE 2 x 7"s

No Joke were a Buffalo (West Seneca) area band in the early 90s. They had a bit of a metallic sound popularized by local bands Zero Tolerance & Solid State at the time. No Joke featured Dennis Merrick who later went on to join Earth Crisis & Path of Resistance notoriety. Featured here are two of their 7”s from 1991 and 1992 released on 2 different Illinois based record labels. Not sure of the back story but in the 2nd 7” “Into My Words” the band states “One last note: We all wish Jeff Johns, a slow and painful death. Rot in Hell Buddy!” Jeff Johns was also the name listed on the first 7” as the owner of Statue Records. Wonder if things went sour between the two. Kind of amusing. I enjoy the 2nd 7” "Into My Words" a bit more than “Tragedy of the Masses” as I think the vocals are better. Either way this is a good sample of things going on in Western NY circa 1991. No Joke was Justin – vocals, Greg Gonzales – guitar, Dennis Merrick – drums, and Clint Marriott on bass (later Rob Harris).


NO JOKE “Tragedy of the Masses” 7”

Released on Statue Records 1991 (Statue #3)
1. Lost Soul / Stand and Deliver
2. Misery

NO JOKE “Into My Words” 7”
Released on Crown Records 1992
1. Nevermore
2. Into the End
3. Mark My Words
4. Endtro


Buske said...

At least Dennis looks way different in 2009 than he did in 1991.

Patrick W said...

I saw these guys at one of the first shows I attended at the Lost. I remember being really psyched that they had long hair, being a total hessian at that time. I still have my "Into my Words" 7".


Man, these are VERY cool records. Heavier than expected and RAGING leads! Is this all they recorded? I wish this stuff was released on CD to avoid the "vinyl effect" on the sound quality these days. Great post. I'm shocked this band doesn't get talked about more. I had never heard of 'em...

Also, if you didn't see them yet I posted a couple of Initial Reaction demos alongside the 7" a few days ago, if you're interested in grabbing those to check out.

O.P. said...

good 7"s, but I think their best stuff was New School cassette ep on fusion records.. esp. liked the really pissed off nasal voice of the singer.. someone should upload that ep..

jxw said...

i wonder what went down between those dudes and Jeff Johns.

i remember, he was all over a number of bands at the time for his label which (as far as i know) never put out a fucking thing.
anyone wanna prove me wrong?

he asked Conviction to be this supposed comp he was doing also but the label was called No Future.
shit, i even pulled out my graff 'hand' for a label logo and everything. haha.

Buske-that was dry humour i take it? Dennis looks the fucking same as last i'd seen him...

Henrik said...

NO JOKE were killer, especially their first 7", I remember ordering that 7" from statue records. They also did a cassette, which I cant remember the title off, but I have have it at home somewhere.
Hey Eric whats up buddy

Jimmy said...

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Anonymous said...

If i remember correctly (it has been way to many years ago) The records were pressed by Jeff but something happened with the artwork and it never got released do to the record label dying. Jeff made some covers years later I am not sure how many though. I have test pressing of this I think.


How have you been old friend

Diablerie. said...

amazing band.

chad said...

thanks for posting these.

i remembered seeing the NO JOKE ads for Statue Records back in the day but i never ordered it for whatever reason, then i heard that Statue had shortly folded after and never really put much out so i wasn't sure that this band had ever even released anything... i was just recently randomly wondering about all of this and now my questions are answered!

John Schu said...

18 years lter and I still remember the lyrics! Wish I still had the t-shirt from back then!