Jan 19, 2010

END TO END "s/t" 7"

End To End "s/t" 7"
Recorded Dec 1989 = Foundation Records #002



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this band! I really liked their self-titled 7". But I've never heard them before and I know nothing about them. Maybe you can share some info (and lyrics too) about End To End with me, if it possible? - Lenny.

Anonymous said...

Dude this still available, you can buy it through iTunes. Not cool.

EMS / COREGASM said...

Lenny, I'm not really too familiar with these guys and the inside of the 7" has no info or lyrics. I always just felt like it was a great solid late 80s hardcore punk record.

anonymous, i highly doubt this is on itunes but just for humors sake I will look to be sure.

Anonymous said...

It's very pity, but the main thing is that their music is great! However, once again thank you so much for this band! I'll continue to read your blog.)) - Lenny.

Anonymous said...


I love being able to find out-of-print and long gone music on music blog sites but when something is still available from an active record label I think it's kind of crappy to post their music. I don't know if SA Mob has stuff on iTunes but I'm sure you wouldn't be stoked on someone doing that to records you were distributing.

Xthird_worldX said...

People should realize that not only rich people from America are following these blogs, so although something is still available in vinyl/CD format or on iTunes, it doesn't make it available for all of us (not enough money to buy stuff, or pay pall or other forms of e-payments are available, customs problem when getting packages from other countries etc). And I believe that those who dig the music will go find the way to buy it.

Thanx EMS for all the good stuff you posted so far

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite 7"s. Post Chain of Strength Cali HC, with an SSD cover? Can't go wrong!