Jan 20, 2010

NEVERFALL "Discography"

Neverfall was a mid 90s Erie Hardcore band that had a good deal of success. They definitely got kids moving here in their home town with their fusion of metallic hardcore akin to Snapcase meets Strife. Alongside their friends in Brother’s Keeper, Disciple, & Digression these guys were the next up to really make some waves and were flying the Erie Hardcore banner. I especially liked their final release “Symbols of Inner Self” as I felt the song writing was at their peak and the intensity was at an all time high for the band. I can’t even remember if they really played a final show or anything. They definitely had a good run though that I think a lot of new Erie kids will appreciate hearing this stuff. Unfortunately as with most bands they were plagued by line up changes but we were lucky enough to get a few recordings from them over their years of existence. I’m pretty sure this is everything they had recorded and after many years of all of this being hard to find and out of print I offer it to you.

Alternative cover:

Neverfall “first demo” Cassette - self released

Recorded May 1996
Jeff Johns – vocals, J. Mozdy – guitar, Scott Turk – guitar, Adam Salaga – bass, Andy Berlin – drums
1. Accept
2. Right Through
3. Out
4. Neverfall

Neverfall “Healed” Cassette – Ritual Records #002
Recorded December 1996
Jeff Johns – vocals, J. Mozdi – guitar, Scott Turck – guitar, Brian Hanson – bass, Andy Berlin – drums
1. Healed
2. The Hardest Things
3. 814
4. Chance

Neverfall “8-1-Forever Split with Disciple” Cassette – Surprise Attack Records
Recorded May 1997
Justin Calabrese – vocals, J. Mozdi – guitar, Scott Turk – guitar, Jay Danowski – bass, Andy Berlin – drums
1. Healed
2. Bound By Silence (this version was also on Goodfellow Records “The Difference Between Us” CD compilation)
3. Right Through

Neverfall “Symbols of Inner Self” CD – Shandle Records #004
Justin Calabrese – vocals, J. Mozdi – guitar, Scott Turk – guitar, Jay Danowski – bass, Andy Berlin – drums
Recorded December 1997
1. Full Cycle
2. Outlet
3. Bound By Silence
4. Self Extention
5. Symbols of Inner Self
6. Face the Storm



moz said...

dood, cheers for all the work you put in makingthis blog. I myself lost everything but the memories and my blue erie hxc windbreaker, gj ems!

anon said...

Scott Turk said:
Thanks man, for putting this together! I lost both scans, plans, and record copies over the years;
But thanks again! You really put some Pro work into this chronicle!

Anonymous said...

Jeff johns said,

Wow what a blast from the past. Wish I would have saved more pics and stuff. Scott, moz or Adam, give me a shout if you ever read this. I live in Maryland now: 443-six1four-3505

Anonymous said...

How about an online composition? Jeff Johns, Jason Moz, Adam Salaga, Scott Turk?