Jan 22, 2010

Fight Of The Day "Demo"

Fight of the Day was a project between 3 teenage friends who all happened to be talented musicians. Initially Scott, Andy, & Adam were all in Neverfall before Adam left to join Disciple. This project features 3 songs where all of the guys take turns on pretty much every instrument. I'm sure it was meant all in good fun. I don't think too many of these cassettes made it out there but it's still an interesting listen.

Fight of the Day "demo"
Recorded July 1997
1. There It Will End (Adam Salaga - vocals & guitar, Scott Turk - bass, Andy Berlin - drums)
2. Washed Ashore (Andy Berlin - vocals, Scott Turk - guitar, Adam Salaga - bass & drums)
3. It Means Nothing (Scott Turk - vocals & drums, Andy - guitar, Adam Salaga - bass)

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