Jan 28, 2010

Lost "Self Titled" 7"

Lost was a band that many of my friends would talk about in this mystical way as if it was just something that you had to have experienced first hand. Well unfortunately I didn't. But that didn't stop my intrigue. Maybe it was fate since this blog just started but I jumped on eBay and came across this 7" and got it for a steal. It's really cool to come across something that is from over 20 years ago (it even still had a Lost sticker inside). I bet many people who were into this band have not heard these songs in long time. So hopefully maybe someone who was around during this era & can fill in some blanks, or even better yet one of the band members might come across this. Either way I'm hoping to get more and more people writing memoirs for this thing whether you were fans/friends of the band, or you were actually directly involved. Either way you should take 5 minutes to write something and send it our way. I've got some people working on stuff as I type this and I think the reader involvement will be crucial to making this blog interesting. So please get in touch... lakeeffect814[at]gmail[dot]com

LOST: Brian - vocals, Jim - guitar, Craig - bass, Pete - drums.
(Bob Rhodes played bass on this recording and was credited for co-writing tracks 3 & 4)

Lost "s/t" 7" from 1989
1. 99%
2. More
3. The Clown
4. Cut Out the Heart

lyric sheet:

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Aaron Candela said...

Hey there! Unfortunately, I have no information to add to this band, but I was wondering if there is any way you could re-upload this? I have not listen to these guys in a very long time and it is literally quite impossible to find this anymore in this universe. I appreciate all the history you are compiling for the old hardcore era. Thanks again!!