Mar 8, 2006

4 WALLS FALLING "food for worms"

Okay, here's the finale to our 3 parter on 4 Walls Falling. Hopefully you've enjoyed some of the previous stuff I've posted. If not? Life goes on. When I first heard the final CD from 4 Walls Falling my first response was not a favorable one. Maybe it was because it was a lot more slowed down, the songs were pushing the 4-7 minute mark, and overall it was a lot more experimental for the band at the time. It wasn't until a few years later did I pop it on and had the thought of "What the hell was I smoking, this shit is amazing!" I guess it just wasn't the right time beforehand for me to get it. That happens sometimes. Maybe it happened with a lot of people because it didn't seem like this record was really talked about much. It might not have helped that I think this only came out on a European label. Distro in the US was pretty abysmal for this release. I had a hard time picking 3 tracks to feature. As I started to try to make a list of favorites I realized I had written down almost all of the songs from the album! I'm wasn't really too sure on the demise of the band but after many nights of googling I finally found a recent really cool interview that you can read here. It's definitely worth your time if you liked this band. Here are 3 tracks from their last album, and I also posted a demo track from 1992 or 93 that somehow I got my hands on. It was the only song from that session that the band did not re-record for "Food For Worms". It's pretty cool so check it out. Let me know what you think.

1. "Punish"
2. "Fall Of Rome"
3. "Supreme Being"

4. "Killing Machine" - demo track from 1992 or 93.

You can still find this CD for only $6 at Very Distro.
Also I just wanted to point out that Jon the bassist of TERROZONE gave a quick response to the post about his band. I would have loved to get some more background info but it's still pretty awesome that he checked out the site. I have no idea how people hear about these things. I am always stoked to know people are checking out the Blog and any input is appreciated especially about old bands so please leave feedback.

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mike mccann said...

It's a shame 4walls got so weird, but they still rocked.... you need to upload the track they had on the Complete Death comp (Death/ Metal Blade Records), real early track like 1987, it may actually be a Pledge Allegiance track it is called "Self-Confidence".... 4walls will always have a place in my heart though.......