Mar 24, 2006

L'ESPRIT DU CLAN "chapitre 0"

Speaking of Paris, check out L'esprit Du Clan! I stumbled across some mp3s about 2 years ago and my jaw was on the floor. A French Merauder? It sure as hell sounds like it. The tempo changes and vocal attacks make me want to punch holes through peoples heads. Some of the breakdowns make me feel like such a savage I picture myself wearing a Viking helmet and ripping raw meat straight off the bone.

I find myself saying this all too often in the blog, but I don't really know a ton of background info on this band. Their website is all in French and I took Spanish in high school so that's not much help. Maybe anyone else who can chime in can shed some light, I'm looking for more feedback and sharing of info from everyone who reads this rag. I'd like this blog to help spread info to each other. Getting their CDs here in the US doesn't seem to be an easy task. I was going to order a few of their newer discs but with shipping and the exchange rate it was equaling out to be about $30 for one CD. Their newer songs have more of a polished metal feel (think Machinehead, Demon Hunter) to them and I can get into that but these older ones are so raw it makes them even more awesome even if I don't know what they are saying.

Songs taken from "Chapitre 0" - (Album information not known at this time)
1. "Comme Un Destin (Intro)"
2. "On Dit Que C'est Violent"
3. "De Ceux Qui Parlent (On Doit Rien A Personne)"



phild said...

goddamnit!!!!!!!! this is seriously the hardest shit ever! i need to find out where i can get some of their cds.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

What... the... fuck... I need this. I need the new one, too. It's all good. Wish the vocals were in English but you can barely tell, I guess. I always assumed this would be a lame metal band because the band name sounds stupid, but this shit is fucking great. The tracks from the newer one on MySpace have some slick shit happening at times as well. God damnit. I need to figure out how to get my hands on these discs.

EMS / COREGASM said...

if any of you guys find a cheaper way than i did, let me know! - ems

xbenx said...

Another quality post EMS! I remember when this EP was around about 4 years ago, but stupidly I didn't pick it up and I've never found it since ;( - where did you get yours?

Kyusuck/Townhall said...

I have their "Chaptier 0 & 1" cd.but I still can`t get new one.
definitely one of serious bands in France I think.

Masterkiller said...

Hey I'm a french reader of your page, thanks for the great job done !!

In France EDC (short for Esprit Du Clan) really divides the public, same thing for Kickback but for different reasons.

A lot of the division is due to the thug attitude of the band, mostly repercuted throught the lyrics, that are not really appreciated by most of the metal/hardcore audience because they sing in french tales from the hard side (french projects in paris suburbs, some real tough hoods) and that sucks, because I'm sure that if they were singing in English a lot more people would be buying their cd's.

For my part I really like their first MCD chapitre 0, the other two cd's are good too, but the first one was really the shit when it came out.

If you want more informations about Paris Hardcore Scene, with bands like Kickback, EDC, Out For The Count and all don't hesitate to ask, and sorry for my english.

xbenx said...

Masterkiller, good to hear someone from the heart of Paris hardcore, what the hell happened there??

I heard that when Irate toured there last year there was about 2 people??? I still don't believe it.

Also what ever happened to Trapped In Life????!!

Finally, do you think Kickback will write another record?? They should....

masterkiller said...

Well about last year Irate show when they came in July their show was full of people and nearly everybody in the place was mohsing during Irate, wich is something that doesn't happen very offen. I wasn't there because I was working but some friends of mine told me it was one of the best hardcore shows in Paris in 2005.

Trapped In Life have splitted around 2001-2002 if I'm right, but on Overcome Distribution you can get their cd "12 Icons" wich contains tracks from their EP's and some new stuff, real good band.

Kickback was supposed to be playing new shows in Europe and is announced to the NY Superbowl Of Hardcore 2k6, but their europeans shows were cancelled, because of various reasons (the band bad reputation mostly, and I was supposed to see them yesterday evening with King Of Clubz but the show was cancelled because of a massive strike due to social problems all over France, so that sucks).

They were also supposed to record a new album but no news have filtered since the last time I heard that.

A positive note about KKK as we call them in Paris haha : the singer Stephen came to sing with Arkangel on their sunday show in Paris, it was fuckin' intense and furious, crowd was insane, real fuckin show !!

Paris Hardcore is coming back on the map, with bands like Out 4 The Count (ex-Count To React), xProvidencex, Down By Prejudice and others. Albums should come out later this year, I cross my finger upon it.

And a french hardcore band you should check is Purgatory, they come from Limoges and they play EdgeMetal like nobody here !! Real hard and killer cd !

xbenx said...

Yo masterkiller,

Thanks for the info bro, its so hard to gather information on French hardcore, it seems to be a scene veiled in mystery! Thanks for the headsup on the new bands, I checked some of them out, good shit.

ALthough I couldn't find anything on Purgatory, you got any links, have they got an albums?? I love the edge metal/new school metalcore whatever the fuck you call it sound, have you heard Primal Age??? They are pretty damn good but I can't find anywhere that stocks their CD!

Yeah I have all the trapped in life CD, although I do feel 12 icons should have been better, i like it but when you measure it up to Forever War....well there is only one winner :) But still, they were a good band!!

Hmm, that is strange about IRate, I didnt think only two people would show up, should have trusted my instincts on that, luckily I'll get to see them for the last time ever this coming Monday....

Plus if you like Arkangel, you should check out some Japanese bands, they love that shit, check these cats out -

Extinguish the fire
Crystal Lake
God's Heritage

there are others but I cant think at the moment :)

All those bands have myspace pages so you'll find them easy!!!

Take care!

masterkiller said...

For Purgatory check out their website

and also you'll find some videos of shows in Paris of Out To Win and Purgatory, too bad the audience wasn't so responsive this day but it was still a good show.

For Primal Age they are back on the track, and their first mcd has been re-released by and is available for a good price.

And I agree with you, EdgeMetal or whatever people want to call it can be fuckin awesome, real sound !! I love that kind of music !

Among the Japanese bands you told me about, I went to Brussels in December and Kirby (guitarist in Arkangel/Deviate and other) gave me a cd of God's Heritage when I bought some cd's in his shop, telling me it was "à la Morning Again" and I can tell you I wasn't disappointed, real good record, I'm gonna check the other bands you told me about, it might please me as well.

Too bad Irate is splitting because I won't have a chance to see them live, I hope some members will be playing in other bands soon !

And thank you for putting all these rare release on the net, the Terrorzone ep is like a gift from heaven huhuhu, I never thought I could hear it once and it's damn good ! I really like the Initial Reaction ep too, and the Icemen ep as well, keep posting some rare NY Hardcore sound !

See ya !

Josh Buck said...

glad to see someone else appreciates this band

Anonymous said...

it happens sometimes to be on these website and i'm glad to see masterkiller explains what is doing here. everything he said was truth, check purgatory budies,

and chapitre 0 is totally sold-out
since long time, sorry


Anonymous said...

prowling the blog and i found this "ticket", EDC was only interested until chapter 1...

If you want to have real good PARIS HARDCORE check out bands like :

But unfortunately those bands broke up years ago, i can provide music for those who want to discover one of the best sound PARIS could done !!!

ps : oh it's of course 90's metallic hardcore