Mar 3, 2006

FLYER 4.17.1993

Man, I didn't attend this show but I sure as hell wish I did. I was fortunate enough to see Endpoint & Falling Forward in Bordentown NJ on a different show. The one band on this bill that I didn't see that I would have killed to back then, was Outspoken. I loved everything that band did for some reason. This is a killer line up. Middlesex shows were definitely something special back then. Thanx to Joe for sending this flyer on over. - EMS


Tre Till Death said...

I was at this show, it was pretty amazing. There was just a thread over on the Livewire board with some pics from the show.

Anonymous said...

i as well was at this show. there is nothing like the all day affairs at Middlesex County CC.

Sik_Kris said...

I was at this show, amazing! We pretty much went to every Middlesex college show back then. From what I remember GRIP had a lot of buzz and played a good set. At the time, Rob Fish of Ressurection had some personal beef with my band at the time "FireFly". I use to talk to his girlfriend a lot and it pissed him off. Our drummer, Andy Johnson, wrote some nasty letter to Rob about some shit he said and did when his band played a show I put on in Wilkes Barre. Rob saw us in the audience in Middlesex and proceeded to talk shit on us between songs. We didn't mind so much- it made us feel special.

- Flagman were a favorite.

- Although the crowd dug it- Mouthpiece blew. I never liked them, pure poop.

- Strife is another one I could careless about. The sounded too much like jock rock music for a Football team. I got into to hardcore in the first place to avoid jocks not have them scream at me about being pure or lifting weights.

- Outspoken were awesome. I too loved everything that band did for some reason.

- Four Walls Falling rocked it. The crowd response with certain bands at Middlesex was fucking amazing. Four Walls being one of them. Kids were singing everything, jumping and diving everywhere. A great time. I booked them in Wilkes Barre, PA soon after.

- Endpoint. At the time I was not an Endpoint fan. The singer always annoyed the hell out of me with his whining voice and his between sound politics. I can't remember if it was this show or not but one time when I saw them he was rambling between songs about Koala Bears being abused- what a fucking tart- just play the fucking song! Actually the ONLY Endpoint album I enjoyed was "Aftertaste" years later.

miss the 90's said...

I was there & Sik_Kris pretty much nailed it, don't remember the band, but I'm pretty sure I remember the GF, haha. Good blog, btw.