Mar 22, 2006

KICKBACK "Paris, France Most Wanted"

I'm gonna go a little spree of showcasing some of my favorite European hardcore bands. Many of you yankees are too lazy to check out some of the awesome bands that have been dropping some great records over the years. Kickback are indeed one of my favorites.

In the mid nineties I was corresponding with singer Stephen who was running Hardway records (they did awesome 7"s from Overcast, All Out War, & Bulldoze). His tastes in music were very similar to mine. He eventually sent me Kickback's "Cornered" CD and I about shit myself. It encompasses a lot of things I love about hardcore. Total no bullshit attitude, heavy midpaced metallic hardcore with a NY vibe to it, great production, and the balls to back it up.

The first time I toured Europe was in 1996 and our very first show was with Rykers, Miozan, Refused, Madball, and Kickback. What a fucking show this was. I was stoked to get to meet Stephen and also to see his band play. A few years later in 1997 Kickback recorded and released "Forever War". I can't really remember how I got my hands on a copy as it's not easy outside of Europe to get their CDs. It had an even more metallic edge to it than the previous one. Trust me, I've been hounding some of my Euro compadres to send me a copy of their 3rd release "Les 150 Passions Meurtrieres". Still no luck in getting a copy.

Kickback seemed to have plenty of skeptics as I think their attitude and "tough guy" image didn't go over very well with the more politically correct crowd. I didn't really give a shit either way (and I'm sure the band didn't either) because I related more to this style of music compared to others.

Anyway, if you like bands with a nice mix of All Out War, Madball, and Fury of V then Kickback may just be the band for you. Hell I believe they are named after the legendary Breakdown song. Rumor has it that Kickback will be playing this years Superbowl of HxC in NYC. I'll be right up front once again 10 years after the first time I saw them. Here's a song from each of their early CDs. Both discs have many great tracks so I just grabbed a song that I felt captured the feel of each one. Enjoy.

Kickback on Myspace

KICKBACK "Cornered" CD - Hostile Records 1995
1. "Resurrect"

KICKBACK "Forever War" CD - Hostile Records 1997
2. "No One Gets Out Alive"

Let me know what you think. More good European hardcore coming next.


xbenx said...

DAMN YOU EMS!!!! This was going to be one of my first posts ;( hehe - regardless, this band is amazing and Forever War stands as one of my favorite ever albums!!!

And damn your lucky for seeing them at Superbowl, they have started playing in Europe again, so I'm gonna try and see them, I don't think they've played the UK since Evilfest 98!!!

phil d said...

this shit is unbeliveably hard.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Ha, ha, Kickback rules, I was gonna post about 'em sometime, too. Probably still will, fuck it. That most recent (yet still old) record of theirs, aside from the weird recording, was nuts. Those first two are the best, though. Love that shit.

Bert D. said...

great to see this thing with kickback. been a fan of their for years. can't wait to see them here. they're playin a local show 2 days before the super bowl in a club that holds maybe 80ppl. with 25 Ta Life even. will be chaos for sure. just hope people know Kickback & don't just look at them with a blank stare.

guess Do Or Die might be coming over for the Super Bowl as well, maybe a feature on them next? another amazing european band.

alright bro, take care.

Anonymous said...

Kickback's firts album is a f* classic. Glad they are back together (brooklyn)

Masterkiller said...

Kickback is one of the most controversed french band in the whole hardcore/metal scene, because of their violence-oriented attitude, but still no band has reached their intensity on record, they got something really unique going on on their 3 cd, that's some real shit.

I'm actually gonna watch them live for the first time tomorrow, with King Of Clubz and 2 others french and belgian hardcore bands, the show promises to be fuckin hard.

If you want to check out their third album maybe I can find a way out, I'm gonna see if it's possible.

Anonymous said...

Man, 'Cornered', is an absolutely amazing album. So fucking hard and hate-fuelled, makes me wanna kill everytime I hear it. Glad other people think so too!

Anonymous said...

hey fellas

another myspace page, made by the ancient guitarist Patrick. Kickback at his best



Anonymous said...

this band = brutal

Anonymous said...

hi everyone Kickback is f*c**ng great !!Where i can find their original cd's??

maurice said...


you can find an ep here:
i was friend with the original guitar player and made T-shirts for them....They played one time in amiens without stephen, patrick was on vocals.